SEE Course Syllabi for Instructors

Spiritual Education & Enrichment Course Syllabi

Important Note:The syllabi and course materials for all SEE courses is being revised as each course is developed for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's new online program. The online syllabi and materials will be available for Unity field instructors after the courses have been taught online and rough spots smoothed out. In the meantime, Unity field instructors are invited to use the former Unity Insititue (UI) syllabi and material below until all courses are updated. Please be aware, that in the UI syllabi, there may be links or materials that are no long available. Should you encounter this, we invite you to use your experience and judgement to make changes that will suit your situation.

New Combined SEE Courses Taking Effect January 2018
Note: There are six courses that are being combined into new courses. These course will first be taught online to work out details and smooth out rough spots. Until January 2018, field instructors can continue to teach the current courses as separate courses. Syllabi for the newly combined courses will be available by January 2018.

The following courses will be combined:

  • Discover the Power and Lessons in Truth will be combined into HTS 100 Foundations of Unity
  • Healing and Wholeness I and II will be combined into HTS 135 Healing & Wholeness
  • Development of the Unity Movement  and Background of New Thought will be combined into HTS 140 History of New Thought

We ask for your patience as we continue our revision and development of these courses to provide the best possible experience for you and your students.


SEE Syllabi for Unity Field Instructors ONLY    -     Under Construction
The syllabi included below were shared by Unity Institute before it closed. In addition to the syllabi, we recently received additional course materials from Rev. Paul Hasselbeck and will be adding them to the list below, as quickly as possible. Please be aware that the course material will vary in quality and quantity.

These syllabi and materials have not been updated by Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI). We are sharing the syllabi and material to offer as much support as possible to our Unity teachers while the new program and courses are being created. It is UWSI's intention to provide updated material as soon as it is revised and field-tested. In the meantime, we hope the syllabi and materials below are helpful. (See note at the top of the page.)

Background of New Thought Syllabus and Handouts
Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation Syllabus
Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures Syllabus and Handouts
Creative Process Syllabus
Development of the Unity Movement Syllabus
Discover the Power Within You Syllabus
Healing & Wholeness 1 Syllabus
Healing & Wholeness 2 Syllabus
Jesus' Teachings Syllabus and Handouts
Lessons in Truth Syllabus 
Meditation Practices Syllabus
Metaphysics 1 Syllabus
Metaphysics 2 Syllabus
Metaphysics 3 Syllabus
Metaphysics 4 Syllabus
Overview: Christian Scriptures Syllabus
Overview: Hebrew Scriptures Syllabus
Prosperity Syllabus
The Christ Syllabus
Twelve Powers Syllabus
Unity Prayer Syllabus