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Upcoming Events

Explore the events we offer in the table below and register to attend the ones that meet your interests. We host the annual Unity People's Convention that is the highlight of our year. Join your colleages for wonderful educational and entertainment opportunities. The Sound Connections music conference is a big hit with musicians and music directors- where else can you rub shoulders with the big names in New Thought music? Teens and sponsors always enjoy the IYOU annual event.

Whatever you choose, we are here to serve you.

When you visit the Kansas City area, you can refer to our local maps and travel info.



Sound Connections and emPower Posi Music Festival combine for one amazing New Thought Music Week!


Be Ready for Easter
Lessons for Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and 2 for Christmas

 Chicken Soup for Preteens
101 true and touching stories by and about preteens and the issues they face today.

Events Calendar
Check here for events at the home office and around the world