Sheboygan WI Minister


Unity Church of Sheboygan    
2409 N 8th St
Sheboygan WI 53083

Category: Full- or Part-time

Average Sunday Attendance: 35-64
Salary: $36-$40,000
Moving expenses paid: TBD


Unity of Sheboygan is a mission-centric, progressive, spiritual community attracting the right and perfect minister who will journey with us as we create our future. Centered in oneness with God, our vision is to co-create a world of love, peace, compassion and harmony. Grounded in Unity principles, we therefore endeavor to practice and teach love, integrity, gratitude, and joy, while pursuing and sharing our spiritual growth. We are open to receiving a minister who will embrace our vision and support us in achieving our goals. Through sharing of his/her experiences, education and insights, our minister will challenge us to see our own divinity and help us understand how we are able to bring about significant positive changes for ourselves and our world. As our church and its members grow and prosper, our minister will have opportunities to grow and prosper with us, sharing in our spiritual, emotional and financial rewards.

To apply, contact Rev Carrie Kenyon, or Diane Pletcher,

Church Packet
The contact information and financials will be sent upon request to qualified applicants.