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Start a New Ministry - Pioneering

Welcome to the Adventure!

We are so excited you are exploring the idea of starting a new church! We want to support you in every way and are working to provide you with many new resources for pioneering a church. Here are some links to information you might need:

Starting a New Group

Start a Study Group
Start a Study Group (Spanish)

Contact Form – Study Groups
Contact Form – Study Group (Spanish)

Starting a New Ministry

Start a New Ministry (US) This document gives an overview of the process, policies and requirements.
Start a New Ministry (Outside the U.S.) - Please contact Rev. Xiomara Malagon, ( our Worldwide Support Consultant.

Start a New Alternative Ministry

Unity Expansion Leaders Network

Future web-call: To be announced

For more information or to join our expansion leaders email list, contact Rev Steve Colladay, Expansion Coordinator, at

Slides from previous Web-calls:


Audio or Video from previous Web-calls:


About the Unity Expansion Leaders Network
The intention of this network for expansion ministry leaders is to:

  • Offer a way for expansion ministry leaders to connect with one another
  • Share what’s working, what’s not
  • Ask for ideas or support with a particular challenge
  • Connect with a mentor/coach, or offer to serve another expansion leader as a mentor/coach for a particular need.
  • Be an informal, yet creative and vibrant resource for expansion leaders at any point on their journey

For more information contact Rev Steve Colladay, Expansion Coordinator, at or 816.434.6866.

General information about expansion ministry:

Please contact Rev SteveColladay (, Ministry Expansion Coordinator, if you:

  • are interested in pioneering or starting a study group and want to explore the idea further
  • need support with the expansion ministry you are in
  • want to know what support is available
  • have applications or forms to submit
  • have applications or forms to submit or have questions about required forms

Expansion Forms and Resources


Affiliation Agreement
Spiritual Coach/Mentor Agreement
Area Ministry Input Form

Forms for Ministry Use

Update of Information Form
Update of Information Form (Spanish)
Required Reports for Expansion Ministries
Quarterly Report Template    Please send to Marti Hayes
Cash Count Template
Annual Report Form for Ministries

Full Church Status support

Full Church Status Requirements
Articles of Incorporation
Annual Report Form for Ministries

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Expansion Ministry: Minister Job Description
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Streaming Setup Costs

By-Laws Template for Expansion Ministries