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1058 Conciencia de Prosperidad y Diezmo

Nuestro más reciente folleto, escrito por el Revdo. James Gaither, es Conciencia de Prospridad y Diezmo (Prosperity Consciousness and Tithing). Este folleto se refleja en las...

1031 I Wish pew cards

This card folder, size 3 by 4 1/2 inches, is prepared for use by your congregation. It provides an opportunity for persons to give their suggestions of ways in which the...

1034 Now That You Are Home From The Hospital

An affirmation of health and continuing prayer is contained in the text on the back. This is suitable for mailing from the ministry to those who have just come home from the...

1033 Now That You Are In The Hospital

A printed blessing and assurance  for those who have entered a hospital is contained in the text on the back.  Suitable for mailing from the ministry to those in need.

1062 Partnering With Spirit


The Partnering With Spirit: Being One with Our Source replaces the brochure A New Look at a Divine Challenge (view old brochure below). The new brochure gives a great...

1044 Prayer & Counseling Ministry

This pamphlet is suitable for handout or display and provides information for persons seeking spiritual help in meeting their challenges. It describes four ways in which the...

1057 Prosperity Consciousness and Tithing - English

This booklet, written by Rev James Gaither, is Prosperity Consciousness and Tithing. It looks at the Biblical basis for tithing, how prosperity consciousness prospers you, the...

1037 Something Special You Can Do

Prepared especially for those who are seeking to make a gift to their Unity center or to Unity Worldwide Ministries.    It presents the idea of including the individual Unity...

1060 The Future of Unity Ministries: And What We Can Do To Help Them Grow

This booklet by Glenn R. Mosley, gives insight into the 'first timer' experience and what every church should know to keep them coming back. Includes excerpts of several...

1046 To Proselytize or to Invite? That is the Question

This pamphlet discusses the nature and methods of inviting seekers to attend Unity worship services and making them feel welcome. Written as an aid to the minister and outreach...