Member Services Overview

Purpose Statement  

Member Services cultivates relationships and a feedback-rich environment with Unity ministries and leaders.  Through leading edge services and resources, we collectively prosper and evolve in spiritual community.


Member Services Areas of Service

Your staff and volunteers may benefit from this brochure which outlines all of the Member Services areas.

Su equipo y sys voluntarios se pueden geneficiar con este folleto, el cual resume todas las áreas de Servicio a Miembros.

Also be sure to read our Embracing Ministry Together booklet, which provides guidance that allows ministers, boards and ministry members to work collaboratively in serving a common purpose.

Ministry Administration and Finance

Assists with best practices for the business of ministry, providing guidance with finances, budget, bylaws, policies and procedures, and organizational development. These resources help lay a solid foundation for a dynamic, thriving spiritual community.


Employment and Transitional Services

Member Services provides guidance and support for both ministries and ministers that assist in graceful closure to your relationship, exploring new possibilities as you move forward, and assistance in all aspects of the transition and employment process.

In Gratitude: Working with UWM Member Services (Rev. Doug Duerr & Rev. Carrie Kenyon)
"While ministry transitions are a natural part of our human journey, these times can be chaotic and full of unease. Communities might experience unresolved grief, adandonment, conflict, tough calls, and yes, sleepless nights as they begin the process of transition. As we experienced at Unity of Wimberley, it can be tempting to rush through a search process to rapidly fill this perceived gap. Yet, circumstances like this offer a precious opportunity to deepen the connection with Spirit, and seek assistance in so doing. Unity Worldwide Ministries Member Services provide invaluable resources to assist churches through times of change. The support we received from Rev Doug Duerr and Rev Carrie Kenyon positioned us to navigate this time with grace, introspection, and trust. Their spiritual and tactical guidance gave us the confidence to lean into Spirit, be thorough and patient in our efforts, and truly understand ourselves and what we would love. All this yielded an outcome beyond what we might have envisioned, that has indeed united our community! We are so grateful for their principled partnership and encourage church leadership experiencing transition to take advantage of the help that is available from Unity Worldwide Ministries Member Services."
~ Jan Gauvain, Unity of Wimberley Board President
~Jason Jones, Unity of Wimberley Board Vice-President
Evolving Ministries

We assist with birthing new ministries, exploring new and innovating ways of engaging ministry, and guide ministries through the process of becoming full-status member ministries.


Youth & Family Ministry

Provides guidance and support in the creation of a vibrant program for the youngest members of your ministry. The presence of youth adds energy and vibrancy to your ministry and empowers children with a deeply affirming approach to life. Find resources on our Youth and Family ministry page.


Ministry Consulting

The Consulting area of Member Services is comprised of certified UWM consultants who facilitate trainings and community-building processes that support our ministries and leaders in thriving and continuously evolving.


Standards, Ethics & Competency

Clear standards for ethics and competency are essential for healthy, thriving communities.  Member Services can support you in the creation of these standards and the process of holding one another accountable to these standards.