Flint MI Minister

Listed 11/26/2012

Unity Church of Flint
4506 Fenton Road
Flint, MI 48506

Category:Minister Part-time

Average Sunday Attendence: 18-25
Salary: $500-1000/month $6000-$12000 annual
Travel/Moving paid? No


Our unity congregation consists of a small and faithful congregation of 64 truth students, with an average of 20 - 25 members. We have guest Unity speakers that we pay $150.00 plus a gas allowance for over 25 miles in distance. Our church has the capacity for 80 members with a children's room, coffee nook, office and a lending library. This facility is paid for and can be expanded with the purchase of the neighboring lot. Our meditation group meets every Friday and we offer a Spanish class every Saturday. Our music team has a superb accomplished pianist and 3 wonderful vocalists.

Our minister should share our Unity vision to expand the congregation, to unite like minded people, families, children, youth and anyone in need of spiritual guidance. The minister should be philanthropically minded, as we donate our tithes to local soup kitchens, catholic charities and other organizations. A spiritual leader with the ability to raise consciousness will help grow our outreach programs become involved with our church and community with love and wisdom. We would appreciate a minister who cares, visiting the sick, holding classes and counseling. A leader who is humorous, confident, metaphysical, knows the Bible as a teaching tool and can relate it to every day life. A minister that is open minded and compassionate about this planet and all living things.

Applicants are welcome to send a CD, DVD, audio, or video tapes.

To apply, contact Carrie Kenyon, Carrie@unity.org or Cathy Christy, cathy@unity.org

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