Eau Claire WI Minister


Unity Christ Center
1808 Folsom St,
Eau Claire, WI 54703


Category: Minister Full time (negotiable)

Average Sunday Attendance: 45
Salary: $30,000-$40,000, Negotiable
Moving expenses paid: TBD


Unity Christ Center is a community of caring and spiritual people holding the vision of hiring a dedicated spiritual leader who embraces our Center’s overarching vision: “Centered in Divine Love, we co-create an enlightened world of harmony and abundance". We are a stable community, having established our Center over 20 years ago. We still celebrate with many of the original members. We are also dynamic, as evidenced in the steady growth of new members, children’s programs and involvement in relevant social justice issues.  This last year we have been without a minister and embraced this as an opportunity to better understand our commitment to Unity principles and to provide the required ‘sacred service’ during the transition process. In so doing, we truly are living our Unity Christ Center’s Mission of being “…a vibrant spiritual community embracing the Oneness of all, radiating peace, love, joy and abundance.”  We are eager to begin the selection process for a new minister. We envision a minister that embraces our vision and mission, enriches our Center with unconditional love, inspires our decisions, and anchors us in One Source

To apply, contact Rev Carrie Kenyon, Carrie@unity.org or Diane Pletcher, DianeP@unity.org.

Church Packet
The contact information and financials will be sent upon request to qualified applicants.