Donations to Unity Worldwide Ministries

We are 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization supported by your tax-deductable donations. We are able to offer products and services to ministries and their leaders in direct proportion to the financial support that we receive.

To donate online (one time or monthly gifts).

To send in a donation, please print and send this form.

To make donations of stock or property, please contact the CFO's office at 816.524.7414.

To leave a bequest, please contact the development office at 816.524.7414.

Giving from outside the United States, please call Suzy Forrester, 816.434.6812.

Questions? If you need to contact someone about a donation, please call Suzy Forrester, 816.434.6812. She can help if you want to set up, change or stop a regular periodic donation.

To see Unity Worldwide Ministries' tithing policy, go here.

Some of the things your contribution supports:

  • Leadership training and certification programs
  • Curriculum for adults and children
  • Free consulting on a number of subjects
  • Free products available from this site
  • Member ministries covered by our tax umbrella
  • Pension plan
  • E-newsletters to keep you in-the-know