Bylaws, Policies, Codes of Ethics

Below are resources you may find helpful. If you have specific questions, you may contact Cathy Christy 816.434.6841.

Most of our policy is formulated by the Standards Ministry Team.


Recommended Bylaws for a Unity Ministry. Use these bylaws to establish the ground rules for an efficient, healthy spiritual community. Customize them to your specific needs.

Unity Worldwide Ministries bylaws




Recommended Policies for Ministries

Church Policy Manual. Why reinvent the wheel? Here’s a great manual of recommended church policies and procedures.

Disruptive Behavior Policy Guidelines. This is a starting place for creating a customized policy that works for your spiritual community for handling disruptive behavior.

Ministries Arising from a Split. The purpose of this policy is to support healthy beginnings for ministries that arise from a split with another Unity congregation.

Risk Management. Check the Sacred Safety page for important information about policies and procedures to keep your ministry's young people safe. Call Church Mutual 800.554.2642 option 1 for your liability insurance needs.

Social Media Policy. Set the guidelines for ministry staff and volunteers who may participate in social media while representing your spiritual community


Unity Worldwide Ministries Policies

Disaster Response The purpose of this policy is to provide a process for supporting our ministries when impacted by natural or other disasters.

Declaring Non-Affiliation The purpose of this policy is to provide a coherent process for handling situations in which ministers or ministries declare that they are no longer a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Restoration policy See the steps to request restoration to member in good standing status with Unity Worldwide Ministries after having been suspended by the Ethics Review System process.

Sexual Conduct policy

Starting a Ministry Without Following Procedure The purpose of this policy is to provide a coherent process for handling situations in which ministers begin ministries without following established UWM policies and procedures.



Codes of Ethics

Codes of Ethics Codes of Ethics for Ministers, Licensed Unity Teachers, Ministries and Certified Spiritual Educators

Ethics Review System Policy & Procedures

Agreement between licensed Unity teachers and ministers Download an rtf document that you can customize.

Agreement between a presenter and a Unity ministry