Book Review: You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening

You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening by Rev Jane Simmons, reviewed by Rev Diana Kennedy

Jane Simmons has a way with words. You know this to be true if you have read her books I of the Storm for Teens or Who Have You Come Here to Be? 101 Possibilities for Contemplation, which she co-authored. Her latest book, You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening, just rolled off the presses. It is a delightful and insightful book that you will want to add to your library. If you are in a helping profession as a minister, life coach or therapist, or if you are a deep spiritual seeker, this book is for you.

As a Q Coach who has studied extensively with Jane, I was honored to have the opportunity to review her book. For those who may not know her, Jane is an ordained Unity minister, a Q Coach and one of the co-founders of The Q Effect. She holds a doctoral degree in theology from Holos University Graduate Seminary.

In the intro to her book, Jane shares the idea that much of humanity has unknowingly “been experiencing life through a filtered lens of beliefs, perceptions and assumptions largely taken on during childhood, through family, friends and cultural influence.” It is this form of unconsciousness that we are awakening from. If you are ready to awaken, Jane’s book guides you through layers of unconscious programming into authentic and empowered living.

Jane calls upon the wisdom of masters such as spiritual teacher, mystic and philosopher George Gurdjieff whom she quotes, “To escape from prison, you must first acknowledge that you are in prison.” Jane shares that when one is unaware of one’s true authentic nature, one is asleep. Her book goes long way in helping readers break free from any chains of limitation that have been barring them from living freely and joyfully.

A main thread of wisdom that Jane weaves throughout the book is the idea that each one of us must focus on staying conscious so that we can awaken spiritually. She offers the reader a method of healing called the FACE formula which includes the components of forgiveness, appreciation, compassion and embodiment.

Using an analogy from the movie, The Matrix, Jane offers her readers a choice to awaken and “face” life as it is. At the end of each chapter are thought-invoking questions and exercises that will help readers put the principles found in this book into practice in their lives. As a spiritual seeker on a journey of inner healing, I experienced a great sense of peace after applying the deep wisdom found in this book.

Jane’s passion for heart-centered approaches to personal transformation is obvious throughout her work and is especially palpable in this book. You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening is sprinkled with stories throughout the text to illustrate powerful shifts in awareness that lead to spiritual awakening. Jane’s ability to touch people in a deep way is what makes this book hard to put down. Reading this is like having a personal guide walk you through life’s challenges.

There is a continuous reminder throughout the book that we are so much more than we know ourselves to be. Jane truly offers a sense of hope for humanity through her words. On the dedication page is this blessing, “May all beings find joy and freedom on life’s journey of self-discovery.”

This book will help peel back any layers of inauthenticity so that the reader begins to see themselves and their life’s path with clarity and awe. I know that after reading this book, you too will be one step closer to your authentic expression of joy and freedom on your unique soul’s path of awakening!

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