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Congratulations to our 2018 honorees.  Join us on Friday, June 15 at Noon to honor our award recipients at the Award Gala Luncheon.


The Light of God Expressing in Unity Award

Rev Claudell County

Claudell grew up reading Wee Wisdom and Daily Word Unity magazines. She discovered the Unity church in 1978.

She graduated from Unity School for Religious studies and was ordained in 1986. Her ministries included Allentown and Harrisburg, Penn., and one year part-time in Warsaw, Mo., after retirement. Claudell also served as the Leadership and Administration faculty member at Unity Institute and Seminary for eighteen years, until August 2016, when she retired.

Claudell’s academic background includes degrees in Music Education, Psychology, and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership.

Currently Claudell is enjoying playing her guitar and singing folk music with a start up group at the Village Co-operative. She has enrolled in a two-year program at iamHEART-heart rhythm meditation, working with the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan taught by Puran & Susanna Bair, Tucson, Ariz.

Claudell lives with her husband Dave, a fiction writer, in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

The Charles Fillmore Award

Rev Joe Sloan

Rev Joe Sloan has been a Regional Representative/Consultant for the West Central Region (WCR) for the last 18 years. He has been a member of the UWM Standards Team for that time and a member of the International Board for the first three years of his term. He began his career in the WCR as a board president at Unity of Auburn, California. He holds a BS degree from St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and a MA from the University of Dayton. He was a 1995 graduate of the ministerial school in the class with such notables as Sky St John, Ron and Lenore Scott. Diana McDaniel, Julie Montague, Charlene Manual and Karen Bradley.

After graduation Joe joined with Dr George Hilbert at Christ Unity, Kansas City North, Mo., where he served for five years. Joe and wife Lyn returned to California in 2000 to start Unity in the Gold Country in Grass Valley. After 11 years, Joe turned the ministry over to another Irish fella, Jerry Farrell, a native of County Cork. Joe continues his work as a Consultant in the WCR, as a member of Standards, and is an Advocate in the UWM Ethics Review System. “Unity service has been the most rewarding work of my life,” he says, “To see ministers and ministries come to a renewed realization of their purpose and their Joy.” He always remembers what Dorothy Pearson once told him, “You have the best job in the world.”

Joe attributes his healthy longevity to many years of running on into midlife. When in his 40s, he successfully completed the Western States 100-Mile One-Day Trail Run over the Sierra Mountains. He hastens to add that it was “35 years and 35 lbs. ago.” Born in New Jersey, Joe is well-noted for his Irish humor.

Joe will receive the Charles Fillmore Award on Friday, June 15, at the Awards Luncheon.

The Myrtle Fillmore Award

Rev Maxine Martin

Unity minister Maxine Martin always answers the phone in the same cheery manner. A simple “hello” will not suffice. Her words are a bold statement of her virtues. Her joyful countenance speaks volumes, even as she pauses between thoughts.

Unity established its first official center in Jamaica, Unity of Jamaica in Kingston, in November 1965. Maxine first came to the center in 1973. “I never realized the same Daily Word and Wee Wisdom given to me as a child were published by Unity. So right away, I knew I was home,” Maxine said. “I wanted to go further with my spirituality. Something brings us to Unity. Once you discover the teachings of Unity, how can you reverse? I’m on a mission on the Lord’s road. I have not looked back.”

Maxine became a Unity minister in 1998. She continues to lead Unity of Jamaica in Kingston and also assists Unity Faith Center in Montego Bay. “Unity is very strong here. We still publish Daily Word. We believe in the light and love in all of us,” she said. “No matter what, we share that love with others, and accept everyone for who they are … children of God. We embrace everyone. Everyone is welcome in our center. We assist in changing lives; this makes an awesome difference when the people who come to us show they are changing and healing."

Unity of Jamaica in Kingston is known throughout the community for its accepting and creative environment. Under her guidance, the center offers a food bank and other programs for the needy. This social outreach does not end at the doors. Maxine’s care team brings her program directly to people in need—wherever they may be. “It’s not just about our members,” she explained, “for we are all members of one family.”

Please join us as we celebrate Maxine when she receives the Myrtle Fillmore Award on Friday, June 15, at the Awards Luncheon.


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