Admission's Application Process

Prerequisites to apply to this Unity Wordwide Spiritual Institute's Ministry Path now are:

  1. Completion of twelve (12) specific core SEE classes (see below)
  2. A Bachelors Degree or approved Academic Demonstration, and
  3. Internet and email use.
  4. Two years of increasing leadership in a Unity Church is strongly recommended.

If you meet these prerequisites, applications will be available January 2017.  If you have questions, you can email our Credentialing Coordinator at

Applicants for this ministry path will be considered for admission based on the Admissions Teams' assessment of their:

  •    Communication
  •    Leadership
  •    Maturity
  •    Empathy and Nurturing
  •    Decision Making, and
  •    Unity knowledge, including understanding and application of the key concepts from the 12 core SEE classes.

The Minimum Twelve core SEE Classes: These courses require 120 hours of study (twelve 10 hour classes) in the following SEE categories:

  • Thirty (30) hours of Biblical Studies and Skills:
    The Christ in the Bible
    Jesus' Teachings in the Bible
    Bible Interpretation: Hebrew scriptures
  • Seventy (70) hours of Metaphysical Studies and Skills:
    Metaphysics I - Part 1
    Metaphysics I - Part 2
    Metaphysics II - Part 1
    Metaphysics II - Part 2
    Myrtle and Charles on Healing and Wholeness part one
    Twelve Powers
    Lessons in Truth
  • Twenty (20) hours of Prayer and History:
    Life of Prayer (10 hours)
    Development of the Unity Movement (10 hours)


While these 12 courses/120 hours constitute a minimum requirement, there is great value in completing the Spiritual Development portion of SEE. Graduation from the SEE Spiritual Development Program is highly recommended.

All core SEE courses will be available online. The new Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute will be adding SEE courses to their online schedule. The online SEE schedule will permit completion of these required classes at a rate that best fits each spiritual seekers needs. For more information about SEE, see, the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute course schedule or contact

Other information about the new Admissions's Application Process:

  • In January of 2018 the number of minimum SEE prerequisites is increasing from 12 to 18.
  • Future Admissions Week experiences will be longer than they have been in the past. They will include all the components as in the past plus more extensive essay testing and longer interviews. Typically the interview week is the last week of July.
  • This ministry ordination path currently requires two applications.
    • One is for the Unity Ministry Ordination Path. If you meet these prerequisites, the application will be available to download in January, 2017. If you have questions, you can email our Credentialing Coordinator at
    • The second step is to enroll in the academic programs through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's (UWSI) Ministerial & Religious Studies (M&RS) program. For more information about this academic program see the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's Ministerial & Religious Studies page or contact Rev. Jim Gaither, UWSI Director of Academic & Student Affairs at
  • Applicants should not make major life changes until they have been admitted to the ordination path.
  • An increase in application fees may also be coming to help defray the costs of the more extensive assessment process.
  • Keep checking the website for the latest information.

Information posted here is subject to change. If you have questions you can contact us at