Responsive Website Development Grant

Thank you for your interest in the Responsive Website Development Matching Grant. This grant will help to provide awarded ministers and ministries with the means to develop or upgrade to a responsive website. Responsive websites are built to display well at all sizes—from large computer monitors down to the smallest cell phone screen. Research shows that mobile devices now account for 60% of internet access. OneEach Technologies reports that organizations who have switched to a mobile responsive website have experienced an increase in mobile views of their website by 200%, with mobile giving doubling for those customers. You can see the features provided through a OneEach Technologies website by going to

Research from Google (the world's most popular search engine) now requires websites to be mobile friendly to have a high search engine ranking. In order to help seekers find Unity websites, they need to be mobile friendly. The purpose of this matching grant is to provide our ministries with the tools they need to embody the Unity brand identity, and to build awareness and interest in Unity and Unity ministries.


Matching Grant Description

For selected ministers and ministries, Unity Worldwide Ministries will contribute 50% of the development or upgrade cost to establish a responsive website through OneEach Technologies. Those selected will provide 50% of the cost of the website development or upgrade and 100% of website hosting and maintenance thereafter. Projected cost to ministries for site development or upgrade is between $300 and $600.  Projected cost for ministers for site development or upgrade starts at $300. Unity Worldwide Ministries will match half of this expense. After development, there will be an ongoing cost to the ministry, associated with hosting the site, which is $395-1645 annually, based on the number of members for the ministry. You can find out more by clicking on “Signup Today!” at

All applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, November 29, 2018, at 7 p.m. CST.

Applications will be evaluated immediately thereafter. During this time, we may reach out through email with further questions or require phone interviews with our evaluation team between August 5 and 20, 2018. You will be notified if this is requested. The selected awardees will be notified on or about December 20, 2018. All others who applied will be notified on or about December 31, 2018.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will form the basis upon which Unity Worldwide Ministries will evaluate applications. The mandatory criteria must be met and include:

  • Every Unity sanctioned minister and ministry in the Unity Identity Program is encouraged to apply for this grant. This program is available at no cost to enroll. See for information
  • Willingness to establish Google Analytics on current and future site and report periodically as requested. Analytics is an automatic feature of the responsive OneEach site
  • Clear vision for the website
  • Financial stability to maintain the site in the future
  • Completeness of information submitted
  • Financial support of Unity Worldwide Ministries will be taken into account when evaluating the application.

Before you begin to fill out the grant application online

Before you begin, please have the following information on hand. You will not be able to partially fill out the application and come back to it later. Please note that not all questions will pertain to a minister and instead will pertain to a ministry who is applying for the grant.

Information needed for the grant application:

  • Minister/Ministry’s name, mailing address & website
  • Spiritual leader’s name, phone number & email address
  • Name of primary contact responsible for this grant
  • Email address for communication regarding this grant. *Please note that this email must be actively monitored for the next 3 years so that we may communicate with you regarding website traffic reports.
  • Are you/ your ministry participating in the Unity Identity Program (branding)?
    • If no: If selected for this matching grant, will you be joining the Unity Identity Program? (being in the Unity Identity Program is required to receive this grant)
  • Are you part-time or full-time?
  • Do you/ your ministry currently have a website? If yes:
    • URL/web address:
    • Website host (who provides hosting services?):
    • Have you established Google Analytics on your site to track site traffic?
    • If you have already established Google Analytics or other site traffic tracking method, what is your average monthly site sessons over the last four months? If you don’t have this information, check with your web host – most provide this tracking statistic. This figure is required for processing your grant application if you have an established website.
    • Is someone dedicated to maintaining your website? If yes:
    • Are they paid staff or volunteer?
    • What are their qualifications or experience with managing a website?
    • If you are a ministry, is your spiritual leader able to access and maintain your site?
  • Why do you want to create or upgrade your website? What is your vision?
  • What can you/your ministry contribute to creating, enhancing and providing a responsive website in terms of financial resources and manpower?
  • How do you see the responsive website benefitting you/your ministry?
  • Please submit a Profit & Loss statement for the past 6 months. (Upload a Profit & Loss statement)


Click here to access the online
Responsive Website Development Matching Grant


Executive Summary for the Web, IT/Social Media Training and Support Grant

An easily accessible online web presence will enable more people worldwide to reach the positive, life-enhancing Unity teachings we provide. This will likely increase attendance and participation in Unity ministries. This access and deeper integration of the teachings into daily life brings real transformation and support to individuals seeking to answer life's big questions.

To achieve this, Unity Worldwide Ministries envisions creating new responsive website designs which can be employed by our central office and local ministries. We then plan to provide mixed size grants and potentially multiple rounds of RFPs to our Unity leaders. Some ministry leaders may apply for and receive sub-grants which include: website enhancement; support for audio and video recording; and social media planning and implementation.

These funds are integrated in the sense that the sub-grants will support creation of an infrastructure for ministries that can then better disseminate Unity teachings and content through digital means beginning with an enriched responsive website, followed with providing an access point for life-enhancing meaningful content including pod-casts, and further distribution with social media. Hiring a Technical Support Administrator and part-time Administrative Assistant will enable Unity Worldwide Ministries to support our leaders with IT evaluation, consultation and training throughout the process. This support will ensure their success in planning, implementing and maintaining our Unity life-enhancing teachings' ease of accessibility through digital dissemination.